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Useful links!

Post by christhegoth on Tue Apr 14, 2015 1:32 pm

The Croydon Mental Health food project Cronx Cuisine:

The Croydon Mental Health debt guide website ( in construction ):

Croydon Mental Health Forum ( Christian's old firm ) minutes from their Meetings are on the CVA website here:

The Croydon Mind Directory of Local Services:

Want to meet for a Face To Face?  Try Hear Us for Service Users...:

...And the Carers Hub for Carers, which is on George Street:

Talking Therapies?  There's a Flyer for that ( .pdf download ):

IAPT self-referral is here ( NHS Talking Therapies ):

Young, had a bad time, and looking to rebuild your life?  We can help with that.  The Princes Youth Business Trust is a national service dedicated to youngsters who have had a bad one and need some help to get ahead.  Training, guidance, and general friendship; it's all there:

They do understand the Mental Health part of it as well.  All that fear and uncertainty can get to you.  They will help Smile

Legal woes? That can certainly drain you.  The Croydon Law Centre is here:

The Croydon Mental Health scrutiny of the Drug Scene these days:   ( .pdf downloads )

The old days were safer statistically.

Croydon Crime Trends:  ( .pdf downloads )

Drugs are up hugely over the last decade, and so are injuries sadly.

Crime Trends over the year just gone:

There is a significant rise in PTSD due to this.  ABH and GBH are both up 60% from 2002 to 2013 after all.

Want to learn more about Mental Health?  Christian Wilcox has written a basic guide to get you started on understanding stuff ( and things ):

Are you a provider worried about being blamed for a Service User relapse in the new 'payment by results' market?:

Hopefully this will help you defend yourself from false allegations.

The Croydon Mental Health Forum blog is here ( Christian's old firm ):

We're also on Twitter here:


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