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Universal Credit

Post by Guest on Wed May 06, 2015 4:07 am

As Universal Credit is slowly rolled out in Croydon we have become aware of some key issues:

1) One 'credit' for the whole family, and how this risks those in Domestic Violence situations.

2) The support for Disabled children has been cut from £56 to £28 a week.

3) Monthly Income can be a problem for some, as they lack the Mental Strength to budget for a whole month.

4) Sending addicts their rent money ( rather than sending it straight to the Landlord ) is probably a bad plan.

The Universal Credit Team is in Croydon at present, so if there is anything else we need to know then please leave a comment below, or message us privately.

Our email is croydonMHFstaff@gmail.com if you prefer to use that.

Many thanks for your time,



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