How do people feel about The Internet?

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How do people feel about The Internet?

Post by Chris Wilcox on Mon Apr 13, 2015 5:58 pm

Dear all,

How do people feel about the Internet?  Are you happy to discuss being a Schizophrenic ( like I am ), or are you more comfy in one-to-one email?

One of my employers, Rethink, has Forums and can lobby MP's and Cllr's.  The Croydon Mental Health Forum is allowed to too.  So if you want to get stuck in you definitely can ( just try to keep it polite please ).

The web has many MANY uses, but it can have a downside.  So how do you feel about discussing the big Mental Health issues here?  Too Public?  Or are you happy for students to be able to read up on your experiences ( for example )?

I look forward to your responses.

Chris Wilcox

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